Group Personal Golfers Insurance


Members Group Golfers Personal Insurance

Cover Included

Personal Liability $20,000,000

Professional Indemnity $5,000,000

Accident – Weekly $500pw

Accident – Capital $100,000

Medical Expenses $1,000

Personal Equipment $5,000

Equipment Hire









  • All members of your club are automatically insured for on-course member personal liability insurance when playing golf anywhere in the world as a benefit of your Sportscover Golf affiliation fees.
  • Any affiliated Sportscover Golf Golf Club can purchase Silver or Gold cover options to further enhance benefits provided to members.
  • Exclusively endorsed by Sportscover Golf
  • 12 month policy period
  • Up to $20,000,000 Personal Liability cover
  • Up to $5,000,000 Professional Indemnity cover for Amateur Coaches
  • Optional cover for personal injury
  • Option cover for personal equipment
  • Broad additional policy benefits depending on what main coverage options selected
  • Coverage is Worldwide
What insurance cover is included within the club's Sportscover Golf Affiliation Fees?

From 1 July 2009, Player’s personal liability insurance with a limit of $20 million is included within the Sportscover Golf affiliation fees paid by the club. Amateur coaches that are qualified under Sportscover Golf’s recognised coaching programs, are also covered for personal liability up to $20 million and professional indemnity up to $5 million.

What is Personal Liability cover?

Personal liability insurance covers the legal liability of a player to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage which occurs whilst playing or practising golf or attending a golf event or venue as a player, guest or spectator.

Personal liability arising from the use of a motorised or non motorised golf buggy whilst playing or practising golf or attending a golf event or venue as a player, guest or spectator is included.

Who is covered under the Personal Liability section?

The affiliated players, officials, volunteers and trialling participants in recognised development programs of Sportscover Golf affiliated clubs. Amateur coaches that are qualified under Sportscover Golf’s recognised coaching programs.

Why is Sportscover Golf including Personal Liability cover for all members?

Sportscover Golf was concerned at the lack of consistency of personal liability cover previously provided to individual golfers. The situation was not ideal for the development of golf in Australia where potentially 80% of players were not covered. Sportscover Golf’s aim is to promote and assist the development of the game. Ensuring that each player has suitable personal liability cover is, we believe, one way of achieving this.

What is Personal Accident cover?

f as a result of an accident which occurs whilst playing or practising golf or attending a golfing activity as a spectator or guest you sustain an injury, we will pay you the amount listed beside the relevant Event.

The standard limits under this insurance are:

Capital Benefits – Up to $100,000
Loss of Income – Up to $500 per week
Medical Expenses – Up to $1,000*

* Medical Expenses relates to non Medicare items only. The Insurer is not entitled to pay any portion of any medical expense that has a Medicare component.

Please note that the first seven days of incapacity for Loss of Income is not covered and that all Medical Expenses claims are subject to a $50 excess.

Who is covered under the Personal Accident section?

When Clubs purchase this insurance for all of its members:

  1. any affiliated player of the Insured golf club;
  2. any Employee, volunteer or official of Sportscover Golf Ltd or affiliated association or club whilst participating in a Golfing Event;
  3. any participant whilst trialling at a Golfing Event;
  4. any person attending a promotional, social or fund raising activity or sponsored event operated by and/or sanctioned by Sportscover Golf Ltd or affiliated association or club.
What is Personal Equipment cover?

Covers you for physical loss or damage (but not normal wear and tear or damage arising from inherent defects) to your personal golf equipment and motorised golf cart.

In addition if you have to hire additional equipment because of loss or damage there is cover to pay for the hire equipment.

The standard limits under this insurance are:

Physical loss or damage – Up to $4,000
Hire Equipment – Up to $200

Please note that an excess of $250 applies to all claims for physical loss or damage.

Who is covered under the Personal Equipment section?

Any affiliated player of a Golf Club or State Association (including Regional Associations) recognised as affiliated with Sportscover Golf when the club has purchased this insurance for all its members.

Who is the insurer?

The insurance is arranged through Sportscover Golf’s insurance partner Sportscover and is underwritten by the Sportscover Syndicate 3334 at Lloyd’s. Each policy issued is backed by the full strength and A rated security of Lloyd’s of London. For further details log on to the Lloyd’s web-site

Can I get copies of the policies?

Yes, these are available on this website or by e-mailing or telephoning 1300 39 79 39. If you purchase a policy from this website, you will also be automatically emailed with a copy.

How do members make a claim?

Call Sportscover on 1300 39 79 39.

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