Golf Club Insurance


Sportscover Golf Insurance Policy Provides:

  • Broad coverage incorporating golf specific extensions for greens,
  • bunkers, landscaping and dams.
  • Club Management cover providing Directors and Officers Liability and Club Reimbursement, Employment Liability, Club Liability, Crime, Superannuation Trustees Liability and Professional Indemnity.
  • Cover provided for TAB and KENO Tickets
  • Cover for Tax Audits
  • Equipment Breakdown and stock spoilage automatically covered under the property policy
  • Business interruption cover also includes equipment breakdown losses
  • Loss of profits extension for murder, suicide and public utilities damage, prevention of access and health closure
  • Broad burglary/theft cover which is not dependant on visible forcible entry or violence to employees
  • Public and Products Liability
  • Personal Accident cover option for Volunteers
  • Fire, material and accidental damage

Simply contact your insurance broker or if you do not have a broker, you can find a Sportscover Accredited Broker under the above Find a Broker tab.

Your insurance broker can obtain an instant quotation for your property, liability, management liability and voluntary workers insurance needs. If you do not have a broker or would like to use another insurance broker, search below to find the broker nearest you.

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What does the policy cover?

The policy covers:

  1. Material damage, including accidental damage, burglary and theft,
  2. equipment breakdown costs, glass;
  3. Business interruption;
  4. Public and Products Liability;
    Club management liability for directors, committee members, secretary, officers, employees and volunteers, personal legal liability and costs following a “Wrongful Act”; Employee Liability, Professional Indemnity and Fidelity;
  5. Volunteer workers personal accident cover.
The cover provided is very comprehensive; does our club need all these components of the insurance package?

We have designed a policy which provides broad coverage to ensure your risks are adequately covered. Sportscover Golf has the ability to negotiate the best possible cover for the golfing industry so many benefits have been included with no impact upon premium. However, flexibility is also the key. So should you not want to insure items such as theft, glass, money or management liability or if you are happy to have a higher policy excess, it may be possible to get a further reduction on standard premiums. Your broker can obtain options for you to consider.

Why do we need Directors and Officers Insurance when the Directors are acting on behalf of the club and under a specific governance charter?

In this day and age it is an unfortunate fact that people who are involved in the running and administration of the club can be sued when things go wrong. Our Club Management Liability insurance addresses the exposures and wrongdoings that clubs and associations face every day, including;

  • Discrimination (age, race, sex, employment, membership)
  • Harassment
  • Wrongful termination of employees
  • Inefficient administration or supervision
  • Waste of assets
  • Misleading reports or other misrepresentations
  • Libel and slander
  • Acts beyond granted authority
  • Employee theft
Why does my Club require Public Liability insurance?

Public liability Insurance protects employees and members of the club. It aims to provide indemnity to the club against legal liability to pay damages arising from accidental injury (including death) and accidental property damage. This covers claims arising from negligence of the club or one of its employees. It also provides for payment and legal costs related to such claims.

Liability for injuries or damage to property occurring during club activities may fall on any number of persons involved with a club, including:

  • The club organising the activity;
  • Participants;
  • In the case of a sporting event, the coach, official or supervisor of a team or individual;
  • The occupier or owner of the facility; and
  • Spectators and other invitees.

The potential for liability arises because these parties will usually owe a duty of care to the other parties. If a party fails to exercise reasonable care and another party suffers injury or damage, the party who breached their duty is potentially liable for negligence.

Why is Professional Indemnity insurance important?

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to cover you in the event of a claim made against you because of professional negligence caused by mistakes or bad advice. This is particularly important for coaches or anyone involved in lessons, providing tuition or advice and training.

It provides indemnity cover if a person suffers a loss – whether material, financial or physical – directly attributed to negligent acts.

Are visitors covered for Personal Liability insurance?

The best method of providing personal liability coverage to green fee players is through Sportscover Golf’s personal liability insurance policy. Green fee players will be covered under the Sportscover Golf Player Liability policy program if the club includes the Sportscover Golf service fee that covers player liability and other services such as benchmarking, game development and promotion. The fee for this is $1 per round, of which the club retains 50c to go to its own promotion or game development activity.

For this reason, the liability component of the club insurance policy has lower premiums. However, if you want your club liability policy to extend to cover visitor players please discuss this with your broker.

Why is it important to have Business Interruption cover for damage to greens, bunkers, landscaping etc.?

If your golf course is damaged you may have to close those damaged areas for repairs. This may make a significant dent in your profits. While private members or guests may choose to still play on temporary greens, it spoils the enjoyment for all players and damages the club’s reputation. Damage to well tendered tees or greens can prevent medals or competitions from being played. Worst of all social bookings represent an important flow of income into any club and the quality of greens is paramount. Damage to the greens may take weeks or months to repair during which time the reputation of the course suffers badly. Business Interruption insurance can help protect your golf club for loss of profits for a wide range of perils.

Is there cover for prevention of access?

A major threat to any golf club may occur when there is some type of denial of access into its car park or course area. To help mitigate this Australian Golf Insurance has appropriate policy extensions to protect you where access to your premises is restricted through no fault of your own. This may occur due to a local gas leak cutting off nearby roads and access points or other similar scenarios restricting your members ability to go into the car park or getting out onto the course.

Is it more expensive to use the Australian Golf Insurance policy for Golf Clubs?

No, in fact based on like for like cover we would suggest that through the collective buying power of GA you will benefit from reduced premiums. The benefits of being insured through Australian Golf Insurance is the fact that you are dealing with experts who can offer the right advice and a bespoke and competitive golf club insurance product.

A specialist golf club insurance policy includes extensions specific to golf clubs not included in standard sports club insurance, licensed premises or commercial insurance policies. In over 75% of the clubs that we review we find that the club is either inadequately insured or their existing premium is not competitive.

Can you provide golf course insurance cover to clubs anywhere in Australia?

Yes – No matter where your golf club is based, Australian Golf Insurance is available.

I'm unhappy with my current broker and I don't think I have the best insurance policy available to me. Can I change midway through my policy to another supplier?

You are able to transfer your existing policy to another broker midway through a policy term. However, you are contracted with your current insurer for the existing term of the policy. You do have the right to cancel your policy – but we would advise you to check with your existing insurer first as you will probably incur policy cancellation charges.

If your current broker does not want to access Australian Golf Insurance or you feel you would benefit from having another broker handle your insurance options then we will be happy to recommend a broker close to you. Click here to find your nearest Sportscover Accredited Broker.

Who is the insurer?

The insurance is arranged through Sportscover Golf’s insurance partner Sportscover and is underwritten by the Sportscover Syndicate 3334 at Lloyd’s. Each policy issued is backed by the full strength and A rated security of Lloyd’s of London. For further details log on to the Lloyd’s web-site

Can I get copies of the policies?

Yes, these are available on this website or by e-mailing or telephoning 1300 39 79 39. If you purchase a policy from this website, you will also be automatically emailed with a copy.

How do you make a claim?

Call Sportscover on 1300 39 79 39.

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